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Below 'I've lost my voice'  is my bit of writing from our 'Pub Crawler' writing group. The activity that spawned this little bit of prose, if you would like to have a go, is:   

Wake up and find that you have lost the use of something eg: limbs, senses, voice, sense of humour, anything you choose and write for 10 minutes about it.   

I think my effort below is proof that the competition is nothing to be afraid of. Come along, have fun and get writing!  Or take part in the activities as we post them each week and submit through the website, for publication on the website.   Copyright of all work remains with the author.


‘I’ve lost my voice’

I woke to the sound of birds bringing in the spring.  I stretched and looked at the time, oops time to get up and begin the day.  I began my morning routine, yoga, breakfast, shower, dressed and lastly time to phone the folks. First the morning call to mum, I pressed the buttons on the handset and mum answered as chirpy as ever.

‘Morning love’

‘Hi’  I tried to reply but no sound came out, I  cleared my throat and tried again, 

‘H……’  again no sound. 

‘Is that you Trace’ mum asked

My mouth made the shape of ‘Yes’ still no sound came out.

‘Tracey?  Who is this?’  mum was starting to sound a little agitated.  I heard her pressing the buttons, attempting to fix the sound on the phone.  ‘Hello, Hello can you hear me’  dink, dink, dink (more button pressing….)  ’Hello, Hello’

I tried and tried but no sound would come out of my mouth, I heard mum say, 

‘Bloody phone, I am putting it down love, I will call you on the mobile’

‘I tried to shout out’ ‘MUM’ but again nothing.  My mobile rang and I answered it,

‘Can you hear me now?’ asked mum

‘YES’ I mouthed silently, it became so ridiculous I would have laughed if I could get the sound of a laugh out.

Mum exasperated said ‘not this one as well’ and put the phone down.

I text her a message, ‘mum I can hear you, I have lost my voice’

The phone rang again, I picked it up,

‘What do you mean, you’ve lost your voice?’ 

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